Rob Farley

Rob Rob Farley has been consulting in IT since completing a Computer Science degree with first class honours in 1997. Before moving to Adelaide, he worked in consultancies in Melbourne and London. He runs the development department in one of Australia's leading IT firms, as well as doing database application consultancy and training. He heads up the Adelaide SQL Server User Group, and holds several Microsoft certifications.

Rob has been involved with Microsoft technologies for most of his career, but has also done significant work with Oracle and Unix systems. His preferred database is SQL Server and his preferred language is C#. Recently he has been involved with Microsoft Learning in the US, creating and reviewing new content for the next generation of Microsoft exams.

Over the years, Rob's clients have included BP Oil, OneLink Transit, Accenture, Avanade, Australian Electorial Commission, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the Royal Borough of Kingston, Help The Aged, Unisys, Department of Treasury and Finance (Vic), National Mutual, the Bible Society and others.

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14 March 2006

Motorbike accident (not me, someone else)

Last Wednesday I witnessed a motorcycle accident. I was heading down Glen Osmond Rd (for those people who only kinda-know Adelaide, that's the road that goes south-east from the city towards the freeway), and just after I pulled away from the lights, a car just a little further up pulled out of a petrol station and hit a motorbike who had accelerated up to 60km/h a lot faster than any of the cars.

So I pulled over. The rider hadn't quite been knocked off his bike. He'd wobbled a lot and got his bike to the curb before basically falling off it to lie down on the footpath. The woman who was driving the car was sitting in her car eating an ice-cream (she was on her way home after working overnight). I went over to him to see how he was. No blood, but he didn't seem to be particularly well-off, so I called 000. Haven't had to do that before. I've called 999 before when we lived in the UK, but I think this was the first time I've had to call 000. Ambulance and Police on their way.

The ambulance arrived, checked the guy out, and he was basically fine. Big bruise coming up on his leg where the car had hit it. Still shocked, naturally. Waited for a while longer for the police to rock up. They couldn't really understand why they'd been called. Didn't breathalise either of them, didn't take any details, asked if the car and bike were driveable, and went on his way to deal with more important stuff I guess.

On Saturday I got a phone-call from the rider. He's fine. His leg was basically saved by the leathers he was wearing, but he still has a massive bruise. Plenty of damage to the bike. But essentially, he was okay. Turns out he's a student a Lutheran seminary. I think God was looking after him that day, because he's really lucky he didn't get knocked off his bike into oncoming traffic.

I got to my exam a little later than I hoped, and felt like I was distracted half the day. I bet I did better in my Wednesday afternoon exam than the morning one.